A World-Class Pre-school Franchise Opportunity

Join Hands with Pumpkin Kids

We are entirely inspired by your aspiration of embarking on an entrepreneurial journey of commencing a pre-school franchise Opportunity. Pumpkin Kids, being a top-notch pre-school in India, feels elated with the opportunity of partnering with visionaries like you. We truly appreciate your interest in investing in a booming sector like Education. We simply adore your passion to work with children and equally amazed with your smart decision of rightly choosing pumpkin kids which runs one of the most profitable pre-schools in India.

We are also quite keen about encouraging women entrepreneurs who are well determined to mark their robust presence as successful Pre-school Owners. We take immense pride in sharing with you our proven business model that will depict our business mission & philosophy

Pumpkin Kids Programmes

Holiday Program

Pumpkin kids organizes holiday camps during summer & winter to enable extra-curricular activities that will enhance the child’s social & analysing skills. We offer intriguing & mind-blowing activities like storytelling, puzzle-solving, drawing & painting, creative activities, etc. This paves the way to spotlight our brand in a unique manner!

Our Playschool Curriculum

We understand how crucial our role is, as we take the treasure first step along with the child. Our playschool curriculum is entirely crafted to proffer the right beginning to the child. With Play Way Learning Method, we have established a robust foundation for children to learn without compromising on the fun factor.

100% Franchise Support Program

Why Choose Pumpkin Kids for your Pre-school Franchise?

  • We make learning fun. We have crafted a well-researched unique preschool curriculum that will earn its recognition in the education industry.
  • We ensure our teachers & staff are well trained that they proudly resonate with the brand through their deliverables.
  • We propose to you a moderate investment opportunity, for entrepreneurs aspiring to start their own pre-school can make their dream come true.
  • We journey along with you! We have a dedicated team of experts who will guide you on Academics, operational, and marketing aspects.
  • We support you on the day-to-day execution, development 24/7 and 365 days

We would love to associate with a partner like you!

Make your Dream Come True – Grab the Preschool Franchise Opportunities! Pumpkin Kids can be a wise choice if you have the passion to open a pre-school that proffers a world-class learning experience. If that’s what is on your mind, then we will be excited to make you a part of Pumpkin Kids!