Underlying Intelligence of Early Childhood Education

Our Early Childhood Education is child centric along with multiple intelligence activities to nourish the students in their potential areas to build confident Students .

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence:

● They make good athletes/sports player.
● They love outdoor activities, like run, jump, hog, etc.
● They are good at dancing, acting, and skits/charades.
● They learn through their body movements.


Interpersonal Intelligence:

● These kids make positive relationships with people.
● They make friendships easily and comfort when someone feels sad.
● Kids with this intelligence can become a good mentor/guide.
● They have good communication skills.


Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

● These kids will have the ability to use logical and analytical reasoning to solve problems.
● They are good st data and statistics.
● They love to do scientific experiments.
● They enjoy playing with numbers, patterns and charts/bars.


Visual-Spatial Intelligence

● Kids with the capacity to visualize images and pictures have this type of intelligence.
● They are good at imagination and creativity.
● They possess artistic abilities and manipulate the space around them.
● Good at recognizing patterns and solving puzzles.


Musical Intelligence

● These kids are skilled at learning new instruments.
● They see the world through musical traits.
● They appreciate and connect emotionally to music.
● They love to sing, hear and make up songs.


Linguistic Intelligence

● Kids with linguistic intelligence can comprehend words easily.
● They express their thoughts well through speech or writing.
● Kids with this intelligence love to read, write, and tell stories.
● They can remember information well and will have good memory power.