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The Purpose Of Our Pumpkin Kids In An Era OF Change

Pumpkin Kids feels delighted to welcome pupils from the rich and diverse local community to prosper in a happy environment. The development of the child depends on the collaborative effort of parents and teachers. Therefore, the staffs and teachers of our Early Childhood Development school focus on creating a successful partnership with the parents. We can proudly say that our school values every kid individually. We work hard to stimulate their knowledge and skills by providing a challenging curriculum. Please have a look around through our website to know more about our mission and philosophies. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our school office. Our team will be gladly answering all of your queries.

  • 1 Homely Environment
  • 2 Quality Educators
  • 3 Child Centric Curriculum
  • 4 Healthy & Safe Environment


Early Childhood Development is the key to the betterment of society.

Maria Montessori

The philosophy of our school is to make learning fun for the kids. Our early preschool believes in the right balance of self-directed learning and thoughtful preschool teacher’s influence. We strive to create an environment where our pupils can enjoy, learn and understand at their own pace. The Pumpkin Kids school aims to follow the theory of “Multiple Intelligence”. This theory encourages the parents and teachers to find, promote and develop the different abilities in kids. Without any compromise, we ensure that the child becomes the centre of our learning programs.
To achieve this balance, our school aims to challenge our curriculum at all levels ensuring that it brings the best out of every pupil. Every member of our early preschool comes together to stimulate conducive and positive learning inside the campus.To know more about the “Multiple Intelligence” theory, please check out here.

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But once we realize that people have very different kinds of minds, different kinds of strengths -- some people are good in thinking spatially, some in thinking language, others are very logical, other people need to be hands on and explore actively and try things out -- then education, which treats everybody the same way, is actually the most unfair education.

Dr. Howard Gardner

We believe in the Theory of Multiple Intelligence. Therefore, we strongly recommend identifying the capabilities of children from an early age. Our school believes in value-based learning, and hence we aim to:

● Create a positive, safe and welcoming environment for the children to explore their various talents and skills.
● Render a rich curriculum that challenges our pupils to reach their full potential.
● Our nursery curriculum Focus on the partnership with parents to create a supportive environment at home and school.
● Commit to safeguarding the well-being and safety of our pupils.
● Develop respect and understanding of people’s ethnic differences, gender, religion, linguistic, sexuality and ability.
● Build equal opportunities for the kids to promote confidence and make them life-long learners.
● Encourage parents and teachers to engage in developing a curriculum that features cognitive thinking and creativity.

In this fast-moving world, it becomes necessary for the child to learn about their abilities at a young age. Gone are the days when we measured the intellectual capacity of a child with IQ tests. IQ tests do not guarantee to identify the full potential of the kids. Moreover, it also labels the kid as ‘slow learners’.

It’s not how smart you are that matters, what really counts is how you are smart.

Dr. Howard Gardner

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Dr. Howard Gardner

Psychologist Dr. Howard Gardner developed the Theory of Multiple Intelligence as an alternative option of measuring the child’s capability and talent. According to Gardner, it is important to ask, “How are you smart?” instead of “How smart you are?” Gardner’s theory focuses on classifying children’s ability in eight forms of intelligence.
At Pumpkin Kids, we provide an environment that encourages the children to learn in their style. Our nursery curriculum involves strategies that include these eight forms of intelligence:


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